Coin University: Coins 101

Coin University Orientation

Coin University Orientation

What is Coin University?

Coin University is designed to educate individuals who are seeking to learn about coins in a serious way.  If you are or have become interested in collecting coins as a hobby, but have no particular idea of where to start, we welcome you to join us.

We will focus on these subjects:

Coins 101 will consist of multiple postings on the “Coins University” page and will be updated on a monthly basis.  More advanced discussions and topics will be covered later.  If you are a more advanced collector, please consider stopping back in the future as we reach topics more appropriate to your  experience level.  This is not an official class with any University but is designed to resemble the structure experienced in a University level class.  There is no charge and never will be for viewing this content.  If you ever receive a request for payment in regards to “Coin University” it is a scam.