Things to include if you are seeking help with a coin or asking us for a value:

Morgan Silver Coin Front And Back

The more information that you are able to provide us with, the better your odds of us being able to help you.  Be sure to include the country that struck the coin, the date, mintmark, and the denomination if you know these things.  If you do not, usually they are all things that can be found out by simply looking at the coin, different countries put these in different places. If you are unable to identify these details, a clear photo of the front and back will likely be of more help (limited to 1 or 2 photos.) Without these details we will not be able to help you unless you visit us at our store.

Another important factor is condition.  Unless the coin is certified by PCGS or NGC, condition is NOT something that we can evaluate without seeing it. We are happy to look at a photo or two (please make sure they are clear), but we kindly ask you to understand that if it requires more than a couple photos we will likely ask that you bring them in.

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